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Yellow Stop Mousse | Hair mousse for blond and white hair

Yellow Stop Mousse | Hair mousse for blond and white hair

Yellow Stop Mousse, a creamy hydrating mousse that neutralises any yellowish tones in blonde, bleached, highlighted or white hair. The pigment it contains minimises the yellow or golden tinges typical of hair that has been bleached (naturally or as a result of treatment) and restores brightness to the hair colour. As well as its anti-yellow action, the Black Professional mousse nourishes and revitalises the hair, thanks to the synergy of the Extract of Goji Berry and Blackcurrant, active ingredients rich in antioxidants and vitamins, to enhance and preserve the beauty of the hair, with lasting results and acting against ageing. The creamy texture of the Black Professional mousse ensures a soft hold for styling.

300 ml size

In stock .


  • The pigment formula counteracts yellowish or golden tinges
  • Enriched with Extract of Goji Berry and Blackcurrant
  • Creamy texture, for a soft hold
  • Performs an anti-yellow action on white, blonde and bleached hair
  • The hair is nourished and revitalised due to the active-ingredient formula
  • Counteracts the effects of photo-oxidation, neutralising the tinges


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