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Express beauty – Dry shampoo

Express beauty – Dry shampoo

Express beauty dry shampoo, to wash hair without water. In an emergency or when time is tight, Black Professional dry shampoo cleanses in minutes without wetting the hair. Its formula is enriched with keratin, Argan oil, and rice starch, a lipophilic substance with absorbent properties to trap excess sebum. The oily substances that make hair look dirty are eliminated by the dry shampoo, for clean, fragrant and neat hair in a matter of moments.

200 ml size

In stock .


  • With a high concentration of lipophilic substances to trap excess oil
  • It does not weigh down hair
  • Ideal as a replacement for regular washing and if time is short
  • Clean, neat hair in just a matter of moments
  • Deep purification without wetting the hair
  • Hair is pleasantly scented


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