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Anti-orange mask | Platinum – No Orange

Anti-orange mask | Platinum – No Orange

The Platinum No Orange mask offers colour-correcting action, counteracting unwanted orange and reddish tones. It enhances and revitalises brown and dark blonde hair (levels 5-8), creating an impression of multidimensionality and bringing new life and brightness.

The formula is enriched with organic almond extract to nourish treated hair, leaving it shiny and full-bodied, while the combination of purple and blue pigments reduces unwanted orange tones.

250 ml size.

In stock .


  • A must-have for brown or dark blonde hair (levels 5-8)
  • No Orange technology, including purple + blue pigments, to eliminate orange tones
  • Organic almond extract offers emollient and nourishing properties
  • Enhances the anti-orange effects of the Platinum No Orange shampoo
  • The colour is radiant
  • Hair is soft and silky


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