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Anti-Yellow Mask | Platinum – No Yellow

Anti-Yellow Mask | Platinum – No Yellow

Absolute Blond Mask revitalises blond hair thanks to its purple pigments: over time, light-coloured hair tends to lose shine, vitality and tone. Designed to counteract unsightly yellow tones, this mask by Black Professional revives colour, restoring nourishment and shine. The Organic Almond Extract contained in the formula has nourishing properties and results in white, blonde or discoloured hair that is shiny and full of volume.

1,000 ml size

In stock .


  • An essential treatment for white, blonde, lightened or bleached hair
  • Anti-yellow technology to counteract unwanted tones
  • Organic almond extract hydrates and nourishes the hair
  • Purple pigment counteracts yellow tones
  • Revives colour in white, blond or discoloured hair
  • Used in combination with the Absolute Blond Shampoo, it gives hair new vitality


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