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Sintesis Color Cream – Permanent cosmetic colouring

Sintesis Color Cream permanent cosmetic colouring is formulated to meet the needs of today’s hairdressers. Its soft and creamy texture allows for even and effective hair coverage, while the hi-tech formula creates intense pigmentation, penetrating deep into the fibre and enveloping the hair structure in a film of colour with strikingly radiant highlights. Providing natural and durable colour, with advanced grey coverage.

100 ml size

123 shades available

In stock .


  • Permanent cosmetic colouring
  • Creamy texture, for even distribution and easy application
  • Hi-tech formula for intense, deep pigmentation
  • Maximum white hair coverage and advanced lightening
  • Revolutionary natural highlights and brighter, more intense shades
  • Visibly more durable colour
  • All colours 1:1.5
  • Super-blonde and super-lightening 1:2


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