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Fast Colour – Hair colour and bleach accelerator

Fast Colour – Hair colour and bleach accelerator

Save time in the salon with the new Fast Colour accelerator. The exclusive Fast Colour formula reduces the processing time* of the service by 1/3, helping the product to be deposited faster and deeper inside the hair cortex. The special plant-derived formula protects the hair, preserving its elasticity and enabling a richer, more intense colour to be achieved, even after many washes. It also provides more uniform, safer lightening when bleaching hair.


*the processing time is dependent on the structure of the hair, the percentage of white hair that needs to be covered and the levels of lightening that you wish to achieve. At the end of the processing time, check the result before rinsing.


50 ml size

In stock .


  • Reduces colouring and bleaching processing times by 1/3
  • Free from aggressive chemicals
  • Plant-derived formula
  • Save time in the salon
  • Fast service to satisfy customers who are short on time
  • Protects the hair and makes colour more intense and brilliant
  • Safe, uniform lightening

Add 1g for every 25g of colouring cream and 2g for every 25g of bleaching powder to the mixing bowl.


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