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Crazy Toner Pastelizer – Semi-permanent colouring

Crazy Toner Pastelizer – Semi-permanent colouring

Create your perfect colour without damaging your hair. The Pastelizer is all about personalisation.Combined with the semi-permanent colours from the Crazy Toner line, the Pastelizer allows you to create unique and exciting looks, achieving your ideal colours and gradients without putting stress on your hair.

It can also be used by itself to add shine (but no colour), creating incredibly glossy results.

300 ml

In stock .


  • Allows you to create incredible personalised shades
  • Adds shine and energy to your hair colour
  • Does not put stress on the hair

Mix with the colours from the Crazy Toner line to create your desired shade.

The recommended mixing ratios are as follows:

  • 20% pure Crazy Toner colour + 80% Pastelizer
  • 50% pure Crazy Toner colour + 50% Pastelizer
  • 70% pure Crazy Toner colour + 30% Pastelizer

For the best results, consult the colour chart.

The directions for the pastel blends are for instruction purposes only. Each Crazy Toner colour can be mixed with the Pastelizer as desired.





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