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Crazy Toner – Semi-permanent colouring

Crazy Toner – Semi-permanent colouring

Crazy Color semi-permanent colouring is designed to tone the hair and create a personalised look. It can be applied to the lengths or individual sections to add shine, create bold temporary colours and highlights, and provide intense radiance.

Let your imagination run wild: mix the Crazy Color colouring cream with the Pastelizer to create incredible personalised pastel colours.

Ammonia-free formula

Available in 4 shades + 1 colour diluter – Pastelizer

300 ml

In stock .


  • Intense colour
  • Allows you to create incredible personalised shades
  • Adds shine and energy to your hair colour
  • Can be applied to individual sections or the lengths
  • Does not put stress on the hair
  • Lasts up to 10 washes*


* The pure colour can last up to 10 washes depending on the colour of the pigment, hair porosity and the original hair colour.

Apply to dry or damp towel-dried hair.

Wearing disposable gloves, distribute evenly through the hair or the sections to be treated and leave on for 10-20 minutes. Rinse carefully, preferably without shampoo.

NB. Crazy Toner can be applied to blonde hair. For use on brown or black hair, the hair must first be lightened (according to the appropriate level).

Consult the diagram to find out the effects of hair colouring:


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