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Bleaching Cream

Bleaching Cream

Bleaching Cream lightens up to 7-8 tones. Cutting-edge technology prevents the dispersion of powder in the air, and works to eliminate more stubborn, difficult colouring during the bleaching process. This cream brings together ultra-lightening action and a formula designed not to attack hair fibres, leaving the structure of the hair intact. Applied directly to the roots, thanks to the mix of oils that make its formula gentle on the skin, it is easily distributed and adheres perfectly to individual hairs. Ideal for bleaching techniques that require particular precision, as it does not run.
For any further informations, please contact us at info@blackprofessional.it!

250 g size

In stock .


  • Prevents the dispersion of powder in the air
  • Eliminates the most stubborn colouring
  • Applied to the roots, thanks to the mix of oils in its gentle formula
  • Creamy texture, to perfectly coat individual hairs
  • Bleaches up to 7-8 tones
  • Leaves the hair structure intact
  • Does not damage hair fibres
  • Perfect for techniques requiring particular precision


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