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Sintesis Color Cream – Gentle ammonia-free colouring cream

Sintesis Color Cream gentle ammonia-free colouring cream is enriched with active conditioning ingredients. For perfect, stress-free hair colour, Sintesis revitalises and colours, with active ingredients that penetrate deep into hair fibres. Argan Oil hydrates hair, providing unparalleled shine and softness, while Keratin penetrates the structure of the hair, amplifying volume and body. The shades are bright and natural, thanks to an expert combination of the best pigments.

100 ml size

48 shades available

In stock .


  • Gentle ammonia-free formula
  • Moisturising Argan oil for radiant hair
  • Keratin nourishes and replenishes hair fibres, increasing volume
  • Impeccable colour with maximum white hair coverage
  • Bright and natural shades
  • Hair is protected and restored by the gentle colouring action
  • All colours 1:1


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